Renault 4x4history

Renault 4x4 history
In 1966 France, Germany, Italy began cooperating on development of a one standart military Jeep label by German as "Fuhrungs- und Verbindungs-Kraftfahrzeug“ (Command and liaison vehicle) a lightweight, amphibious four wheel drive vehicle that could be mass produced by the Car industry.
Originally three trilateral industry groups independently of each other and build prototypes :Glas/MAN, Fiat and Renault; NSU, Moto Guzzi and Panhard/Citroen;Bussing–Hotchkiss–Lancia, but it became only two development consortia: Fiat–MAN–Saviem (FMS) and Bussing–Hotchkiss–Lancia with the Prototype ready for testing in 1970 but the development went so slow that in 1976 was no prototype ready France left the program and order the French automobile industry to development one
Renault: TRM 500 (A revised Fiat 1107AD "Campagnola")
Citroen: C44 (a German VW 183 "Iltis" with Citroen-CX-engine)
Peugeot: P4 (a German Mercedes G-model, with minor changes and a Peugeot engine).
About 20 Renault TRM 500 prototypes were built. TRM stood for "Toutes Roues Motrices" (all-wheel drive).
RENAULT R4 - Drivetrain: front-engine FWD - Long-lived – built from 1961 to 1992 – and utterly simple in some places yet complex in others, this was Renault’s first front-wheel-drive car. Quirks included the gearlever sprouting from the dashboard – necessary because the transmission was mounted in front of the engine – plus a different wheelbase on each side! The six engines available ranged from 603cc to 1108cc, but power stayed between the limits of 23bhp and 34bhp. As well as the saloon, there was also a 4x4 and a beach car known as the Plein Air.
Renault used to get the french company SINPAR to transform its cars and light trucks in 4WD. Almost all 4x4 R4s were used by the french Gendarmerie, Fire and forest brigades, army or EDF (electricity) as far too expansive for current end users ! The 4x4 Sinpar system is quite simple and benefits from a non permanent gearbox : 2 levers on floor can engage the transfer box when mud or snow requires it ! strong puller in all terrain conditions. Naw car is a rare 4 wheel drive "original" R4.

Renault Scenic 4х4 представлн на европейский рынок в 2001 году.
Примерно одновременно с выводом на рынок Renault Scenic 4х4, предлагалась и полноприводная версия Renault Kаngoo «Внедорожный» Kangoo с независимой подвеской всех колес оснащен полноприводной трансмиссией фирмы Nissan. Крутящий момент передается на задние колеса только при пробуксовке передних — через установленное перед задним дифференциалом электронноуправляемое многодисковое сцепление. «В пределе» сцепление замыкается жестко, и крутящий момент распределяется между передними и задними колесами поровну.
Renault Koleos выпускается в корейском городе Бусан на автозаводе Renault Samsung Motors, более 80% акций которого находится в собственности Renault. Помимо этого, соавтором автомобиля выступили японские партнеры Renault – Nissan. В Renault Koleos применена платформа кроссовера Nissan Qashqai. К тому же в модели использованы и технические решения (в части полноприводной трансмиссии), позаимствованные у Nissan X-Trail.
Тип привода - полный подключаемый, КП - вариатор.
Конкуренты Hyundai Renault Koleos -Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV 4, Honda СRV, Mitsubishi Outlander XL.

Renault Trucks Defense launched at Eurosatory new members of the Sherpa family of trucks, including a tactical vehicle, armored vehicle and light truck. The Sherpa 2 and the Sherpa 3A are 4x4 vehicles configured as light tactical troop carriers. They have a remarkably low silhouette and reduced total weight, to suite air-transport and air-drop requirements. All vehicles use a four cylinder diesel engine, developing 215HP at 2,500 RPM and an automatic five speed gearbox, four disc brakes with anti-lock braking system (ABS), air compressor and pneumatic control. With a 9.3 ton Gross Total Weight (GTW) Sherpa 2 is designed to be used as a tactical troop carrier, accommodating four fully equipped troops and additional 2.5 tons of payload, supporting a total payload of 3.5 tons. The armored version, designated Sherpa 3A is based on the Sherpa 3 all-terrain platform, with a gross total weight of 12.5 tons. It is equipped with a fully protected hull, conforming to N2 ballistic protection level and N1 mine protection. The utility truck version called Sherpa 3 (12.5 Ton GTW) can carry a total load of 4.5 tons, including a driver and passenger.
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