IH 4x4history

IH 4x4 history
The International Harvester Travelall is a model of full-size, truck-based vehicles that were manufactured by International Harvester in four generations from 1953 to 1975. With a layout similar to the Chevrolet Suburban, and optional factory four-wheel drive from 1956, it is both a precursor to modern people movers and full-size sport utility vehicles.
First generation (1953-1957)
Second generation (1958-1960)
Third generation (1961-1968)
Fourth generation (1969-1975)
During the 1950s, IH truck production flourished with the rapid emergence of interstate highways. In 1959, IH began work on a new 4x4 utility vehicle, which would be offered to the average American as an alternative to the popular Jeep vehicle. Designed by Ted Ornas , the first Scout was introduced to the public as a versatile, affordable vehicle for both passenger and cargo transport. It was available in both two- and four-wheel drive and featured a four-cylinder engine, with three-speed, floor-mounted transmission. The Scout became the best-selling vehicle in IH history, enjoying a full 10 years of production before being replaced by the improved Scout II in 1971.
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