ALM-ACMAT(Ateliers de Construction Mecanique de L'Atlantique)
ACMAT was founded as The ALM SA (Ateliers Legueu Meaux) in 1954 Rene Legueu as a Meaux-based manufacturer of wheeled military vehicles. Some of their heavy trucks and commercial vehicles are also available in civilian versions. For commercial use, there are also vehicles for protection of persons and the use of public-sector units of authorities such as the police and the fire brigade. Since the start of production, the company has produced over 12,000 vehicles that are marketed in over 50 countries. In 1964, the company moved its headquarters to Saint-Nazaire. The company started as a developer and producer of vehicle parts, including transfer case and front axles for large-scale built trucks. The company holds patents for many of its in-house parts and technologies. This also gave rise to all-terrain trucks designed for agricultural uses. However, it remained only a concept and never made it to market but was then developed for the oil industry. So a four-wheel and all-terrain version was included in the geophysical industry for use in the oil developments in the Sahara. With a range of just over 1,000 km on a single tank and operational capabilities in desert terrain, the vehicle offered an increased viability in a hostile region, which appealed to the military.From August 1961, production of the (now) ALM VCOM (Vehicle of de Combat d'Outre-Mer) began, with improvements to the vehicle under the direction of the Foreign Legion under testing in the Fennec Mission (Desert Fox). These tests were conducted during various missions in Mauritania and during the Chadian liberation war. A total of 193 units had been made by the completion of testing by the 13 Demi-brigade of the Foreign Legion in Djibouti.To be close to his father, Paul Legueu , the company moved headquarters to Saint-Nazaire in 1964 and created a foundation, ACMAT SA (Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques de l'Atlantique).The company began the development of components. These were the front and rear axles, transmission and transfer case . This led to the company being awarded a further 12 patents. During 1967, the company launched its latest model, the ACMAT VLRA (Vehicules de liaison de reconnaissance et d'appui). This was characterised by its robustness above all. It could transport 2.5 tonnes of payload, a maximum range of 1,600 km and a water tank with a capacity of 200lt.In May 2006, ACMAT was acquired by Renault Trucks Defense SA, the majority shareholder of the company. ACMAT has been a subsidiary brand of the Volvo Group to which Renault Trucks belongs. Under the guidance of the new board Moun Bourjij created in collaboration with Renault Trucks the ACMAT VLRA 2 (Vehicle of de Liaison et de Reconnaissance Blinde ), which launched in 2009. Based on the Toyota Hi-lux it is the seventh generation ACMAT ALTV (Airtransportable Vehicle of Tactique Leger). This model has been primarily been used in Afghanistan.

1948. ALM - Ateliers Legueu Meaux Based in Meaux, the founder Rene Legueu adds a patented transfer box and his own-design front axle to a mass-produced truck and improves the rear axle. The first all-terrain trucks are particularly adapted to the severe farming works. He transformed the Panhard trucks in all wheel drive vehicles.
Since 1954, the specific requests of the oil and geophysical industrials in Sahara allow the development of the range 4WD and 6WD, designed for survivability in the most challenging terrain.The exceptional performances of these vehicles appeal to the French Forces in Africa, inquiring without success a vehicle able to transport, either a basic infantry cell or a weapon system and the crew, and this with a 1000-km cruising range without refuelling.
1965. ACMAT - Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques de l'ATlantique.Perpetuating the heritage of his father, Paul Legueu moves ALM to Saint-Nazaire to establish the new company ACMAT. The range of special vehicles is focused on the all-terrain trucks and the standardization of their equipment as core concept.Between 1965 and 1970, a complete engineering of the whole vital components as front and rear axles, transfer box and gearbox, ensures this standardization, protects the know-how by 12 international registered patents and provides the technical independence vis-a-vis the industrial suppliers.
In 1967, the VLRA 1 - Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle - direct heir of the VCOM, benefits from this concept while meeting the severe requirements of the French Army for the Foreign Special Operations.With exceptional mobility performances as 2.5 tonne-payload, 1600 km-cruising range or 200 litre-water tank, the VLRA 1 becomes the reference in the market.
These extreme specifications of robustness, survivability and the lowest cost of maintenance interest also Africa and Middle East, considered as the most challenging environment. From 1991 to 2004, ACMAT produces the VLA. With a payload up to 8 tonnes, the VLA, initially designed to carry pallets, is available in series 4WD, 6WD and 8 WD.
2006. ACMAT - Subsidiary of Renault Trucks.Partner of one of the world leaders in the transport industry, the company ACMAT leads an ambitious strategy perpetuating the unique know-how in the fields of defence, security and industry.The executive managed by Francois Bouvier still writes successfully new chapters in the history of the company. With the production of the new all-terrain vehicles : the truck VLRA, the armoured BASTION and the pickup ALTV, ACMAT combines innovation and tradition, developing its range on all continents.
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