TANAX is a company with focus on production, trade and service activities in the automotive, engineering industry and production of trucks AKTIS .Part of the business is sale of commodities: spare parts for trucks AKTIS and TATRA chassis components.
History of the enterprise TANAX, join-stock company, has begun in the year 1951 when the production for the purpose of guaranteeing the ability of defence of the state has been started in Banovce nad Bebravou. Till the year 1956 the production of arms has been the contens of the production programme of the enterprise, because during that year the production of winches , mountain supports, parts for ground-drilling equipment and spare parts for automobile factories started. In 1958 the factory has been integrated into the national enterprise TATRA Koprivnice, the well-known manufacturer of lorries and passenger cars TATRA, and that meant that the factory Banovce nad Bebravou joined the programe of automobile production. In the year 1983 the production of lorries has started successfully.
In the year 1990 the factory has been separated from the state enterprise TATRA Koprivnice, and the intepedent state enterprise VAB s.p. Banovce nad Bebravou has come into being. In the year 1993 the process of privatization has finished and the major share holder has become the company SIPOX s.r.o. Bratislava. Day 1. 4.1998 come into existence society TATRA SIPOX, join-stock company. Since November 2002 the name of the company was changed to TANAX, a.s. (joint stock company), Banovce nad Bebravou. Presently the principal share holders of TANAX, a.s. are: Vectra Limited, UK, TB TRADE a.s. (joint stock company).

In the years 1995-96 in VTSU Zahorie conducted comparative tests of vehicles Sipox Corso (SR), 12M21 Steyer (Austria), a 1117 Mercedes Benz Unimog 1550L/38 (Germany). On this basis, and the project tabled by the company Sipox VAB, as Subsidiary Branch (now the Tatra Sipox), which was based on vehicle design Steyer 12M21, it was decided that the middle car field for the SR Army will develop and produce in Slovakia cooperation with foreign partners, the finalists will Sipox company Tatra as, Subsidiary Branch.
Development of a vehicle named AKTIS funded by the Ministry of Economy and producer. Army tactical define requirements and ensure some tests. Company Tatra Sipox the development company working closely with MAN-Steyer, which took over the cabin and engine. Since the foreign supplier is a gearbox. The domestic development and production dates frame, axles, additional gear, winch and some other parts.
The first prototypes made in the period from 1997 to 2000 undergoing intensive tests. Overall, there were six versions of the platform with tarpaulin and two species of box bodies. During the development was to replace the original cabin Steyer new, much more modern cabin MAN L 2000 , meeting the highest standards in ergonomics, functionality and safety.
AKTIS is a double-axle vehicle with a constant drive of both axles, with a four-wheel drive 4x4,
Gearbox:ZF ECOMID 9S 1110, fully synchronized 9+1-speed gearbox, manually shifted. The gearbox forms a monobloc, together with the engine and the clutch.
Auxiliary gearbox:Two-speed engine-torque distributor with a pneumatic gear shift-ing between the road and off-road running, with torque distributor ratio 1:1, with closure VSM management, with constant drive of the front axle.
Axles:Rigid, with planetary gear train in the wheel hubs,with differential interlocks.
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