ARDCO which stands for Applied Research and Development Company, was founded in 1955 in Addicks, Texas, where it started engineering and manufacturing off-road buggies (K Model 4x4 and 6x6) for the oil and gas industry. As the company expanded they opened a facility in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1989, Ardco was purchased by the Pettibone Corporation consolidated its rental and service facility in Lafayette and manufacturing in Baraga, Michigan where Pettibone is also manufactured. To meet the growing demands for off-road equipment in Louisiana, Ardco recently started a new equipment dealership division Ardco Equipment to offer a wider variety of machines. Ardco Equipment currently sells, rents and leases equipment for the construction, agricultural, utility, forestry, material handling and oil and gas industries at their new facility in New Iberia, Louisiana.

The company produces vehicles for oil and seismic, geological industries and Agriculture and forestry.
The AMT can be outfitted with tractor, construction, terra or sand tires to accommodate travel on varying terrains. From swampland to desert, construction to railroad, and forest to the frozen tundra, the AMT gets the job done.
Drive-wheel drive with front axle disconnect,
4x4 - Axles -Spicer/Dana rigid planetary axles with automatic limited slip, differentials, front and rear
6x6 - Heavy-duty AxleTech, rigid planetary front axle with driver controlled differential lock; heavy-duty AxleTech planetary, rear axles with inter-axle differential (IAD); driver controlled differential locks on rear axles and IAD; rear axles mounted to heavy-duty Hendrickson walking beam suspension system.
Trunnion - Extra-heavy-duty center pivot trunnion with approximately 20 oscillation between front and rear frame.
Where flotation is required unit can be equipped with Super Terra Grip of ARDCO's Super Wide tires.
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