AZLK The Moskvitch 410 was an experimentally designed limited production car made by Soviet manufacturer MZMA from 1957 to 1961. Initially conceived as an economical and comfortable means of transport for agricultural machines' repairing teams, the 410 presented itself as a four wheel drive version of the Moskvitch 402 with a more powerful engine and higher ground clearance. In 1958, however, MZMA produced an upgraded station wagon variant on the same wheelbase, called Moskvitch 411, which would then earn its notorious "first Soviet crossover" appellation in the West shortly thereafter (despite still not presenting enough characteristics to fall into that category). In total, only 7580 of model 410 and 1515 of model 411 were made.

Designer Igor Aleksandrovich Gladilin gained fame after creation in 1958-1960. Prototype models 415 and 416 transmission had a four-part transmission and two-step low gear. The model 2150 possessed more elegant bodywork. Was not put into production.
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