The company Achleitner was founded in 1932 and has developed from a skilled blacksmiths shop to a commercial middle-sized company ( Daily ).
The vehicle Achleitner is qualified for trade, communes, ambulance, emergency aid, fire brigades, police departments, armed forces, offroad as well as caravan missions.
The connection between the well-known characteristics of the IVECO Daily C with the ACHLEITNER Four-Wheel-Technology, offers to you a multifunctional vehicle. "Iveco DAILY 4x4 All-Road" - with centre- and rear differential lock. Optional available for 3,5 5 t is a 100% differential lock at the front axle. Typical fields of application for the PIAS 4x4

All-wheel drive vehicles are used for various reasons as they have improved traction, particularly under bad road conditions such as wet, ice, snow, mud or leaves. The handling of permanent all-wheel drive vehicles is significantly better under these types of demanding conditions. It should also not be forgotten that driving in the mountains, accelerating or cornering, and driving on forest roads with loose sand or gravel surfaces can make real demands on vehicle and driver. To ensure best possible handling and road holding in these situations, the Achleitner PIAS 4x4 all-wheel system is used.
The need of offroad transporters has grown In the last few years. Vehicles which show enormenous experience under hardest conditions are more than ever in great demand. Achleitner power systems, especially Mantra 4 x 4 as high mobility multipurpose light tactical vehicle satisfy every offroad expectations. Under hardest conditions like desert sand, mud, snow, slobber and on roll test benches Achleitner power systems were testet and its excellent mobility is proved.
Achleitner power systems are conceived as permanent or applicably 4-WD-technology. The advantage of permanent technology is the optimally coordinated vehicle technique. Three differential locks instead of two bring more benefit and capacity. Because of the installation of Achleitner power systems the original standard charging of 4,6t can be raised. Depending upon technical conditions of the basic vehicle a charching up to 5,1 t is possible.
Mantra 4 x 4 is equipped as label from Achleitner with permanent 4-WD-technology. Mantra special features are 50 % front wheel and 50 % rear wheel drive, variable lockable differentials in both axles and a transfer gear.
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