Adlerwerke vorm. Heinrich Kleyer Adler or Adlerwerke vormals Heinrich Kleyer ("Adler Works formerly [known as] Heinrich Kleyer") was a German aircraft manufacturer established by Heinrich Kleyer in Frankfurt-am-Main in 1934 by buying out Gerner. Adler made no original designs, only continuing production of Gerner designs that were included in the acquisition. Adler was also known as an automobile manufacturer, producing cars under the Adler name from 1899 to 1945, as well as a bicycle manufacturer from 1886 on. Adler was also a well-known typewriter and office machine manufacturer from 1898. In 1969 Adler with its various interests was acquired by Litton Industries. The factory in Frankfurt-Gallus still exists and was restored in the late 1990s for use as an office building.

Heinrich Kleyer Ч Heinrich Ludwig Kleyer ( 13. Dezember 1853 in Darmstadt; 9. Mai 1932 in Frankfurt am Main) war ein deutscher Konstrukteur, Maschinenbauer und Fabrikant. Adlerwerke in der Kleyerstra?e (2008) There are few businessmen who started car production and not baptize the mark after their own name.
Heinrich Kleyer is one of the few. May be his name was impossible for a car. He choose Adler instead. His mechanical company which had started already 1900 was reorganized 1906 when he put money only in cars instead of bikes and 3 wheelers. Adler bought DeDion engine 1901 and made a 4 wheeler with fully elliptic springs and driving by prop shaft. 1903 Adler hired the well known constructor Edwin Rumpler. He started at once to design a complicated car with individual wheels. It became only a prototype. Edwin had his own patent for swing axle an torsion springs.
Im November 1935 wurde der von Steyr Daimler Puch kommende Karl Jenschke Adler-Chefkonstrukteur und entwickelte den Adler 2,5 Liter Autobahnwagen in der damals neuartigen Stromlinienform.
In den Jahren 1935 bis 1945 war er technischer Direktor und Chefkonstrukteur Karl_Jenschke der Adlerwerke in Frankfurt. So entstand unter seiner Fuhrung der Adler 2,5 Liter. Vor allem wahrend des Krieges konstruierte er gelandegangige Fahrzeuge, Traktoren, aber auch Sonderkonstruktionen, unter anderem auch fur die Luftwaffe.
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