Albion Automotive of Scotstoun, Glasgow is a former Scottish automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. It is currently involved in the manufacture and supply of Automotive component systems.From WW1 to the 1950s, Albion had rivalled Foden for the reliability and ruggedness of their trucks. Albion was incorporated into Leyland Motors in 1951, and merely became a badge for their smaller lines. The badge was dropped by British Leyland in 1980.Today the company is a subsidiary of American Axle & Manufacturing , and manufactures axles, driveline systems, chassis systems, crankshafts and chassis components. It is Scotland's best known name in the motor industry. Albions were renowned for their slogan "Sure as the Sunrise".

American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. (AAM) and Drexler Automotive GmbH have entered into an agreement to expand their relationship and bring high-performance differentials and differential technologies from the premium market to the general market of passenger cars, light trucks, crossovers and SUVS.
The expanded relationship between AAM and Drexler immediately integrates Electro-Mechanical limited slip differentials (eLSDs) into the AAM TracRite family of differential products. These systems greatly improve vehicle handling and traction for all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles. The system, used extensively in high-performance vehicles from premium OEMs, provides active torque control of the wheels by translating vehicle torque requests into accurate axle torque response.AAM and Drexler are partnering to offer the market mature differential technology that will allow the general driver new levels of excitement by taking handling and traction to new levels of performance, said Alberto Satine, President AAM Driveline. Combining AAM and Drexlers design, engineering and manufacturing expertise will provide our customers with the highest-quality, most-advanced driveline systems.The systems power-dense, four-pinion differential design supports axle modularity with open and eLSD differentials in the smallest packaging space. Additionally, the scalable clutch, actuation and differential design of the technology drives a wide range of applications and vehicle segments.
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