All Wheel Drive Ford Thames Trader AWD CO Ltd were focused on producing Ford Trader 4X4 and 6X6 models for many purposes.
All Wheel Drive Company основал в 1955 г. A.J.F.Andrews .
Одной из областей деятельности AWD было дооснащение (этим занимались и другие фирмы) , стандартных грузовиков специальным комплектом, который обеспечивал полный привод колесному движителю.
В 1962 году компания AWD стала частью Vickers , сменила название на Vickers All Wheel Drive , Ltd, (VICKERS-AWD) и перехала из Camberley в Wiltshire .
Впоследствии специализировалась на шасси (в том числе и полноприводных) для кранового оборудования (CRANE TRAVELLERS LIMITED - (RANECARRIERS).
This particular AWD Limited firm should not be confused with the other British firm of similar initials AWD, more properly known as AWD Engineering Limited that started in 1970 at Dunstable in Bedfordshire. This company AWD of Bedfordshire is owned by David John Brown the founder of DJB. AWD were also the later manufacturers and owned the trade name of the famous AWD-Multiwheeler brand based on 4X4 and 6X6 Bedford T-Series models until they closed in 1992.
Cheshire Engineering Co. Ltd. of Camberley, Surrey was founded by a Mr. John Andrews to build mechanical post-hole borers based on a design by Highway Trailer Co. of Edgerton, Wisconsin, using British made components and British Ford industrial engines. The early hole-borers were mounted on ex-WW2 military chassis, but when these proved inadequate for the arduous work, All Wheel Drive Ltd. was formed at the Camberley works to modify readily available British lorries into multi-drives. The company grew quickly from 14 staff in 1955 to over 650 by 1962.
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