Atkinson and Co. was founded in the Frenchwood district of Preston, the cotton town and administrative capital of Lancashire, by two of five brothers, Edward Atkinson (18801932) and Henry Birch Atkinson (18821921) with assistance from their brother-in-law George Hunt (18701950). 1907 The real and effective beginning of the company was in 1907, when the partners decided to capitalise on the need for local engineers to make temporary or permanent repairs to the increasing number of pullcars and private motor vehicles on the road. 1932 1932 Edward Atkinson died.
1933 .
The firm was acquired by London garage owner William Gilbert Allen, whose father had started Nightingale Garage and Engineering Co. Allen was chairman of Atkinson Lorries (1933) Ltd and H. B. Fielding was managing director. Allen had effectively run the firm since 1931, and remained in charge until his death in 1949.
Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Limited was formed after Atkinson Vehicles Ltd was acquired by Seddon Diesel Vehicles Ltd in 1970. It was subsequently bought in 1974 by the American International Harvester Corporation , was later by Spanish firm Enasa , and it is now owned by Italian IVECO subsidiary of Fiat.

Its mainstream products (Omega) were forward-control load carriers and it diversified into heavy-duty dump trucks and special oil-field tractors such as the massive bonneted Omega of 1957, which was powered by a 333bhp supercharged Rolls Royce C6.SFL coupled to a Self Changing Gears 8-speed semi-automatic gearbox and capable of hauling 90 tons over desert terrain .
The Omega was conceived as the result of an enquiry from Aramco in the Middle East and started life with Rolls-Royce C6.SFL supercharged diesels and Self Changing Gears eight-speed transmission. The first three ran at 90 tons GTW in Saudi Arabia. Then came versions with Rolls-Royce engines and five-speed automatic gearboxes. Currency difficulties restricted sales and the last of these impressive machines was delivered in 1960. Atkinson Omega also used in army as heavy duty tank.
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