Automotive Industries (Automotive Industries, Ltd) is an Israeli Automaker and major supplier of the Israeli Security Forces.
Located in Nazareth Illit, the company was originally founded in 1966 by Automotive Equipment Group as a plant for the assembly of cars and trucks. Automotive Industries has since gone on to increase its role in the vehicle's manufacture, doing much of the work on several early Willys MB-derivatives, as well as the more recent M462 trucks and Automotive Industries Storm (Sufa) series of Jeep Wrangler-derivatives, and the Automotive Industries Desert Raider. Automotive Industries was also an assembly-point for IDF-bound Humvees, but US foreign aid guarantees caused contracts to be moved to plants in the United States.

The Israeli government were long time users of Dodge vehicles, with many numbers of ex World War Two Dodge Weapons Carriers (Dodge WC series) being used. These were later supplemented by open cabbed Dodge WM 300 and M601 Power Wagons assembled by Automotive Industries. In 1970, the M325 Command Car was first produced to replace the Power Wagons, on classic Dodge M601 chassis with Chrysler components and Automotive Industries bodywork. These early production models were characterised by Dodge axles, vertical grille bars and round headlights while later models had horizontal grille bars and square headlights. The NP transfer case gave a 4.88:1 final drive ratio. The late-model chassis boasted Dana 70 rear axles and Dana 60 front axles.
The Automotive Industries Storm (Sufa) is an Israeli manufactured off-road vehicle and the workhorse of the Israeli Security Forces. The series of Jeep Wrangler based vehicles have been produced by Automotive Industries Ltd. in Upper Nazareth under licence from Chrysler since 1990.
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