Beijing Automobile Works Co. , Ltd. (BAW) is a Chinese car manufacturer based in Beijing and a subsidiary of BAIC Group. BAW produces light off-road vehicles and trucks. BAW produces civilian as well as military vehicles.

Beijing BJ2020
The Beijing BJ2020 is a Chinese light utility vehicle. It is an updated version of the BJ212. The original BJ212 was developed back in 1960s and produced until 1983. In 1983 Beijing Automobile Works established a joint venture with the American Motors Corporation (now part of Chrysler Corporation). As a result the BJ212 was updated and fitted with new engine. Vehicle was fitted with roll bars. Also there were some other improvements. Updated vehicle received new designation. Since 1983 the BJ2020 was produced in large numbers both for Chinese armed forces and civil users. In Chinese army service most older BJ212 vehicles were replaced by the BJ2020. Also it has been exported to some countries.
Beijing BJ2022, Light utility vehicle The Beijing BJ2022 is a Chinese light utility vehicle. It is also referred as "Yongshi" or Brave Warrior. It was jointly developed by Beijing Auto Works and Chrysler. A concept vehicle was revealed in 2002. Chinese Army got very interested in the project, as it was looking to replace the ubiquitous BJ212 and BJ2020 light utility vehicles. So a couple of prototypes were made specially for the Chinese army. Eventually it has been adopted. Production of the the BJ2022 began in 2005. Deliveries to the Chinese Army began in 2007. In 2009 due to financial troubles in the US the Chrysler left the joint venture and granted Beijing Auto Works the rights to continue production of this vehicle under its own name. Currently the BJ2022 is being produced in large numbers. It is the most widely used 4x4 vehicle in the Chinese army. It is also used by some paramilitary and law enforcement units.
The BJ2022 is based on a Jeep Cherokee, but is longer and wider. The new vehicle is larger and more spacious than the older BJ2020. It is used as a troop and cargo transport, command vehicle or reconnaissance vehicle.
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