After the Austin Motor Company and Morris Commercial Cars Ltd were merged into the British Motor Corporation, (BMC) formed in 1951, Austin and Morris trucks were progressively commonized and a new 7-ton payload model, the 701 was launched in 1955 as a BMC 7-tonner. Later the trucks reverted to being Austin or Morris but in 1968, after the formation of the British Leyland Motor Corporation, the trucks, by then produced at a new plant in Bathgate, Scotland, were badged BMC for a period of just two years. They were then integrated into the Leyland product range as Redline models and were all badged as Leyland. In 1964 the British Motor Corporation licensed a new Turkish assembly plant, BMC Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., at Izmir to build BMC trucks. Production began in 1966. Some were built with the familiar UK pattern cab while others featured locally built cabs. BMC Turkey also assembled Land Rovers and agricultural tractors. Trucks built at Izmir were powered by Leyland engines built under licence at the plant. In 1983 BMC signed a licence agreement with the Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation and two years later with the Cummins Engine Co. Following the link-up with Volvo, BMC launched their Fatih series of trucks powered by turbo-charged diesels. There are four models from 17 to 27-tons gross weight. The cab fitted is a development of the old Leyland Redline G cab. More recently, in 1994, BMC launched their Professional range, covering the same gross weights but featuring a completely new cab designed by the renowned stylist Pininfarina . The same truck is marketed in the UK through MAN'S subsidiary ERF as the EP6.

BMC products trucks, and military vehicles.The company was founded in 1964 in partnership with the UK's British Motor Corporation .
BMC, being established in 1964, has entered defence industry in 1972, utilising its capability and experience in automotive industry. Since then, more than 1.000 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles and 3.000 Logistics Support Vehicles have been delivered to World Armies, most of them being delivered to Turkish Armed Forces.
BMC Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., having been awarded a contract for the design, development and production of MRAPs and Tactical Wheeled Vehicles in March 2009, has recently completed most of the deliveries within this project.
The family of tactical wheeled vehicles of BMC consists of
5 ton trucks
10 ton trucks
Special wheeled chassis was first revealed in 2012
4x4 chassis and other trucks
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