BZKT, BAZ - Bryansk Automobile Plant is a Russian manufacturer of military vehicles based in Bryansk, Russia. was established in 1958 as a subsidiary of ZiL. It is one of the leading Russian military equipment manufacturers. It also produces off-road tractors and chassis with carrying capacity from 14 to 40 tons. Since 2015 it is part of the Almaz-Antey holding.

BAZ developed and manufactured platforms various Soviet and Russian SAM systems such as 9K33 Osa and S-400.
BTR-152V1 (1958-1962)
ZIL-485A (1958-1962)
ZIL-135LM (1964-1994)
BAZ-135MB (1965-1996)
Six-wheel amphibious BAZ-5937 (1969-1990) and BAZ-5921 (1971-1990)
Amphibious four- BAZ-6944 (1979-1989) and their modifications non-amphibious BAZ-6948 (1986-1989)
BAZ-6950 / 69501/69502/69506 (1976-1999)
The BAZ-69092-021 is a designated support vehicle for S-400 batteries.
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