Beifang Benchi - HEAVY - DUTY TRUCK CO LTD formed by the merger of companies: The China North Industries Corporation , officially abbreviated as Norinco , China NORINCO є1 Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd., Chongqing Tiema Company (Group), Baotou Stated Ц owned Industrial Assets Limited Company и Shandong Xiaofeng Industry Limited Company. It belongs to the Group of companies Inner Mongolia No. 1 .

North-Benz heavy-duty trucks are based on German Mercedes-Benz truck technologies and built by North-Benz heavy-Duty Truck Co. Ltd, a joint venture formed by Inner-Mongolia First Machinery Group Corporation (FIRMACO) of Baotou, Innner-Mongolia; China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO); and DailmerChrysler. The truck is available in 4X4, 6X6, and 8X8 configurations. A number of North-Benz trucks are currently in service with the PLA as heavy-duty cargo carrier and weapon system chassis.
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