Biederman Charles Biederman, founded the company in 1920, 1935 he began supplying the American army 3-x axis four chassis trucks N-110. The chassis were fitted with Timken axles, dispensing boxes Wisconsin T-7 and dampers "Pneumatic Absobers Shock"(a similar device also applied to the firm Marmon-Herrington.) with the outbreak of war delivered on unified with the Federal chassis ensuite tractors and repair-F1 truck C2 with crane Michigan. In a 50-minute tenth years of the firm collected beskapotnye fire trucks 0-11 (6 x 6).

The first C2 wreckers were built by Corbitt around 1936-38, and during the war were built by Biederman and Federal.
This is a 1936-37 Biederman Model 110 4 ton 6x6 , one of the 1st trucks the Army had built in the 4 ton class. It is very similar to the Indiana 6x6 built about the same time. Only 20 of this model Biederman were built, and 4 of them are caught in the Life Magazine image our WAR truck was cropped from. You might also notice that the Life logo is backwards; the image was reversed when this photo was printed, so I fixed it. The other info below is the entry on this truck from Fred Crismon's "U.S. Military Wheeled Vehicles". Notice that both trucks are the same, they have the same hood number!
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