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Boughton have been involved in engineering since 1897 . Early ventures were connected with agricultural equipment/implements, contracting, forestry and transport.
During World War 2, the company moved onto all wheel drive conversions on commercial chassis for the military.
By the start of the Second World War, the founder of Boughtons, Thomas Trafford Boughton had passed over the running of the company to his sons, Trafford and John.
The 1950s and 1960s saw considerable expansion and diversification. Using the skills and experience developed during the War, Boughtons became adept at modifying vehicles and providing working attachments, such as grabs, hoists and winches for the forestry industry. The product range later expanded to include cranes, oil-drilling equipment and all-wheel-drive conversions for commercial chassis . Specialist vehicle manufacture for the military market became an important activity.
In 1997, the company encountered cash flow problems at the time of a credit squeeze and was sold to a venture capital company, marking the end of the connection with Boughton family. By April 2011, Reynolds Boughton Ltd and Reynolds Boughton (Devon) Ltd were in administration. These companies were acquired by the Skan Group in May 2011 and become known as Boughton Engineering Ltd. The headquarters and assembly operations were relocated to Wolverhampton in October of that year and the fabrication facility was relocated from Winkleigh to Bideford in 2013.
Boughton responded (1970) by designing and building the first ever centre steer, rear engined chassis for airport fire fighting.

The Reynolds Boughton RB 44 is a multi-purpose 4x4 light utility truck with a 2.5 t payload. It was developed as a private venture. This truck was originally called the RB 510. The RB 44 entered service with the British Army in 1989 and deliveries began in 1992. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive.
The Dodge 50 Series, later known as the Renault 50 Series were light commercial vehicles produced in the UK by Chrysler Europe and later Renault Vehicules Industriels between 1979 and 1993.The 50 series included a wide range of chassis and body configurations, including two distinctly different cab designs, ... and also a four-wheel-drive version, the RB44, built by Reynolds Boughton (now known as Boughton Engineering).
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