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Bremach is an Italian manufacturer of tactical trucks specializing in the manufacture of military vehicles and 4WD fire engines. Some are used in France and Germany. Bremach currently sells their models across Europe and the United States.
Since 1983, the company began production of its most famous car series GR (4x4). It includes a unified multi-purpose all-wheel drive car bonnet GR35 and GR45 full weight of 3.5-4.5 In 2005 the company became part of the Fiat Group

The first example of brand Bremach applied to a vehicle takes place in the late 1960s when the company decides to acquire a project, and therefore its production rights from Aeronautica Macchi; Hence the name BREMACH, BREnna M. It was a three-wheeled tricar with great reliability and low operating costs, suitable for short-haul transport: the Macchi MB1. Over time the company began to develop in their later models, remaining in the field of light transport vehicles, carrying out transport trucks and work of category N1 which is laden mass not exceeding 3.5 tons. Subsequently expanded versions of his models, even going to cover part of the N2, creating vehicles from 6 tons..
In 1988 the company changed its name to Bremach-Fb Srl to then enter the GALLANT Group 1999 (former Valsella Meccanotecnica): Italian industrial group that among other sectors it operates in automotive engineering and automotive company design Darmak. In 2006 the production is transferred from Varese to Castenedolo in the province of Brescia. In 2009 the parent company VALIANT comes to an agreement with a u.s. company: the American Custom Golf Carts; in order to expand the market for vehicles Bremach. With this operation the Bremach starts to sell vehicles in the United States.
In 2010 the industrial group BRAVE undergoes a complete overhaul much like that happened to the Fiat group in the same year. After the separation of Bremach from the rest of the group the latter ceases to exist and the other companies become independent. This raises in 2010 the Bremach Industrie srl that upon cleavage buy production rights of the vehicles from the brave and maintains a production plant in Moscow, where it houses.(Translate)
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