En 1987,Brimont passe sous le controle de Bergerat-Monnoyeur.
En 1967 Potain & Poclain associent leurs technologies de levage et hydrauliques et forment PPM : Potain, Poclain Manutention .
En 1988, Rachat de PPM par le groupe Legris Industries
En mars 1989, Reprise de Brimont par PPM, lentreprise sappelle des lors Brimont PM
En 1992, c'est une chute importante (50 % de moins par rapport a 1991) des marches d'Etat (armee et sapeurs-pompiers) qui va entrainer un plan de licenciement au sein de la societe ardennaise Brimont PPM division engins.
Fin de la production de vehicules 4x4 en 1993.
La division Brimont agraire, specialisee dans les remorques agricoles n'est pas touchee.
Depuis juillet 2009, Brimont - qui ne fabrique que des remorques, fait partie du groupe Arden Verins.

The Brimont Brutt (4 x 4) 2,225 kg truck was developed to meet a number of military and commercial roles that vary from front-line cargo carrier and ambulance to forestry and fire fighting. The BRUTT has a forward control cab with a horizontal wedge front profile. Seating is provided in the cab for the driver and one passenger and the cab can be tilted forward for maintenance. The cab may have a hard or soft top with the hard top version having provision to fit a roof hatch for access to a light machine gun mounting.
The cargo area to the rear can be provided with side bench seating to carry up to 10 men and is covered by a canvas tilt stretched over bows. The rear area can also be used to accommodate a light weapon such as a 12.7 mm machine gun in a ring mounting. The payload for the open-backed version is 2,225 kg; if the full canvas cover and bows are installed this is reduced to 1,770 kg. The chassis frame is constructed from high stress steel with two box-sections and cross members, all precoated with a special anti-corrosion finish.
The axles are of the Brimont rigid type with optional lockable differentials. Coil springs are used for the front suspension and spring leaves at the rear. Anti-roll bars are fitted front and rear. Various forms of gearbox can be fitted. The standard manual gearbox is supplied by ZF, although a Peugeot gearbox will permit higher speeds. If the vehicle is to be used for towing light weapons, such as a 105 mm howitzer or 120 mm mortar, it is recommended
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