Bucher is a Swiss agricultural machinery manufacturer, that was founded in 1807 .
In 1918 Company renamed "Maschinenfabrik Jean Bucher-Guyer".
In 1951 company became Bucher-Guyer AG.
In 1994-2002 "Duro" all-terrain vehicles delivered for Swiss army.
In 2000 Bucher Holding AG became Bucher Industries AG.
Following the bankruptcy of the "military vehicles" division of Bucher Industries, patents have been bought by the firm Mowag in Switzerland.
The Bucher DURO (DUrable and RObust) is a Swiss tactical transport vehicle. It was specially designed to meet a Swiss Army requirement. In concept it is broadly similar to an Austrian Pinzgauer . However the DURO is significantly larger and heavier vehicle, that can carry much more payload. Its development began in the 1980s. The Bucher DURO participated in the competition among 15 other vehicles to meet a Swiss Army requirement to replace a fleet of ageing light utility vehicles. Eventually after extensive trials the Bucher DURO was selected as the winner and adopted by the Swiss Army. Production commenced during the same year and first vehicles were delivered in 1994. Deliveries were completed in 1999. A second batch of 1 000 vehicles was subsequently ordered and deliveries were completed in 2001. In 2003 the Bucher company sold its transport vehicle unit, producing DURO trucks to MOWAG. During the same year MOWAG replaced the original DURO in production with an improved model, called the DURO II .
The original Bucher DURO, also known as DURO I, was a light tactical military vehicle, specially designed to operate in mountainous terrain. In concept it was broadly similar to an Austrian Pinzgauer.
THE MOWAG DURO IIIP is an armored, mine-protected multi-purpose transport vehicle, based on the DURO III 6x6. The first prototype was completed in 1999. This armored version of the DURO is available only in 6x6 form.
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