Bussing was a German bus and truck manufacturer established by Heinrich Bussing (1843-1929) at Braunschweig in 1903. In 1934 Bussing Acquisitions Neue Automobil Gesellschaft (NAG). After the takeover Bussing used the brand Bussing-NAG until 1950. During WW2 Bussing construct robust heavy trucks and participate also at the construction of armoured cars 6X6 and 8X8 with all-wheel steering. In 1950 the company name became Bussing Nutskraflwagen GmbH. Bussing took over the Borgward plant at Osterholz-Scharmbeck in 1962 and built their military 4x4 4-tonner under the Bussing name until 1968. The factory was then sold to Faun-Werke GmbH. In 1969 links were formed with another major German truck manufacturer, MAN, and two years later the MAN takeover of Bussing was announced.
The chassis of the Bussing-NAG III GL 6 . One interesting feature of the design was the transmission of power to the powered rear axles. A transfer case was arranged behind the transmission, in which the driving forces were divided. A part of the forces was directed to the first rear axle. The other part was done via a cardan shaft and a further transfer case to the second rear axle.
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