The Dodge family of light trucks had been a vital component in WWII, but changes in the battlefield and automotive technology had put them behind the current and projected technology curve. Chrysler began work on a replacement for the WWII W-series trucks in July of 1944, by most published reports, with a rig called the T233. The rear had steering pivots like the front , so it could have been made into a four-wheel steer, but both the prototypes had the rear wheels locked into the straight-ahead position. It isn’t known which axle universals were used, but Rzeppas are a safe bet. Chrysler XM410E1, 8x8, 1960 .This series of experimental truck prototypes were produced in the late 1950s by Chrysler as part of the replacement program for the Deuce & half trucks. The entire body structure of these vehicles was made of riveted Aluminum panels on a steel frame. Even the wheel rims were aluminum and shared the same large 5 lug boit pattern as the Power Wagons and M-37s. When the Army put out bids for a replacement for new highly mobile military wheeled vehicles (HMMWV, or “Humvees”), Chrysler was one of the bidders. Starting in the 1940s , Chrysler President K.T. Keller had devoted enormous resources to defense and other government projects. This set the stage for Chrysler’s mid-1980s HMMWV “Humvee” proposal. Despite the company’s experience in military work and past all-terrain work, the new prototype was not competitive; too much had been lost with the experienced engineers who had retired or been re-assigned. The project was passed at the end of the day (General Dynamics) . (In 1982 Chrysler announced the sale of Chrysler Defense, its profitable defense subsidiary, to General Dynamics .)
Основатель компании Chrysler (1924 г) - Уолтер Крайслер .
Chrysler входит в так называемую "большую детройтскую тройку"
Через компанию Dodge (приобретена в 1928 году) Chrysler проводил конструктивные проработки нововведений.
В 1998 Chrysler объединяется с концерном Daimler .
С 2014 года, после консолидации с Fiat принято решение о создании новой единой автомобилестроительной компании Fiat Chrysler Automobiles .
В 1940 основан Detroit Arsenal , который стал обеспечивать военной техникой воюющую армию.
Dodge осуществлял поставки армейских грузовиков. Наиболее известная модель Dodge WC51 . В 1942 г. Chrysler представил для испытаний бронетранспортер T230 Gun Carrier/Chrysler 6x6 Scout Car. В 1944 г. организовано отделение Chrysler Truck Experimental Department, занимавшееся ОКР. Были вынущены экпериментальные прототипы полноприводных автомобилей: Т23 (1946), Т53 (1949), Т55 (1949), Т53Е1 (1952), Chrysler 8x8 XM410 (1958), (XM410E1-1965). В 1978 г. Chrysler включился в конкурсную работу по созданию прототипа HMMWV, построив 5 образцов (Expanded Mobility Vehicle) на базе прошлых наработок, затем этот проект перешел к военно-промышленной корпорации General Dynamics .
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