DAC (Diesel Automobil Camion from 1971) was known 1921 under the name of Romloc. Over 27 years in 1948 company name takes the Steagul Rosu (Red Flag).
In 1954 the factory produced 4x4 army truck SR-101.
From 1960 the production begins a new model called sr 131 Carpati and a model is produced from 1962 which was produced in parallel with sr 131 called sr 132 who have 4 x 4. Another model, similar to those mentioned above is the Bucegi SR 113 (model 4 x 4 was SR 114).
In 1971 is a novel factory DAC (Diesel Automobil Camion) are manufactured heavy-duty trucks 6x6, called the Roman 12.135, can climb two flights of 30%.
DAC shared the same construction platforms with the Roman trucks but it was not part of the 1971 joint-venture between the German company MAN and the Romanian government.
Based on civilian trucks of the 2nd generation was produced a whole range of military trucks. It included two and three-axle flatbed trucks, fuel and water tanks of 9000 liters capacity, military cranes, prime movers for transportation of tanks or sections of a pontoon bridge, recovery vehicle, with carrying capacity of 27 tons, etc. All trucks are equipped with 280-400 hp MAN engines.
DAC 665, Variants - T/G (1987). IF 665 is a family of military trucks hauling and transportation, manufactured by the enterprise of Trucks Brashov in the 1980. Both had all-wheel drive 6x6. These truck chassis was the basis of several specialized vehicles.
In the early 70s the company started developing of its own range of military vehicles, not dependent on foreign suppliers. The first military range included three basic series with 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 wheel configurations and capacity of 3 to 10 tons with all single wheel. Outwardly, they featured an all-metal cab over the engine with its characteristic rectangular shape, grooved side panels, flat front end and a sloping hinged windshield. Vehicles were equipped with licensed 6-cylinder diesel engine MAN D2156, synchronized 5- or 6-speed gearbox, 2-speed transfer gearbox, wheel planetary gear drives, lockable differentials of all wheels, dual pneumatic brakes, power steering and a 24-volt electrical devices.
The first model in this range came in 1977. It was the 5-ton army truck DAC 665T (6x6) made on a commercial chassis 10.215FA with a diesel engine MAN (10.3 l, 215 hp). It had top speed of 85 km/h and could haul 10 ton trailer. 667T and 6610T variants had a capacity of 7 and 10 tons, respectively. In small quantities produced 154-strong flatbed models 444T (4x4) and 10-ton chassis 887R (8x8) with DAC V8 turbocharged engine (12.4 liter, 320 hp). All of them become main tactical trucks of the Romanian army which used to deliver infantry, towing guns, and the installation of special equipment and weapons up to 40-barrel 122mm rocket launcher APRA, identical to the Soviet "Katyusha" BM-21.
Later the company was modernized and expanded the military range, which included many new versions with foreign units, open cabins and extended chassis. The updated range included two-axle 16.230 FAEG, three-axle all-wheel drive 15.240 DFAEG and 22.310 DFAEGwith 6-cylinder diesel engines DEUTZ BF6M1013EC rated at 236 hp and 310 hp, respectively; and 4-axle 21.410 DFAEG with GVW of 21 tons and 410 hp engines.
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