D.A.F. is the abbreviation for Van Doorne's Trailerfactory in Dutch. Hubertus Josephus and Willem Antonius Vincentiusvan Doorne brothers opened in the former brewery in Eindhoven a machine shop on April 1, 1928, where they collected metal cabinets, windows and stairs. Soon they began to manufacture horse, tractor, and finally, car trailers. Since 1932 the company became known as the "Factory of trailers van Doorn brothers" (Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek), abbreviated to DAF, and since 1934 specialized of producing automotive trailers with four rear wheels. In 1936, DAF began to modify cars and two-axle trucks in variants with the wheel configuration of 6x4, replacing the conventional rear axle by 2-axle bogie Trado , which received its name from combining the first letters of the names of the engineers Von der Trappen and brothers Doorne. The first DAF vehicle - the army amphibious MC139 - was presented the same year.
In 1958, DAF brand received a new meaning: the company was renamed to automobile producer and called 'Van Doorne's Automobile Fabriek'.
The worsening of environmental problems caused DAF in 1971 in the so-called "Club of Four" , which also included companies Magirus-Deutz, SAVIEM and Volvo, which led to the creation of a new range of trucks with an attractive unified Club cabin. To expand the program and enter new markets in November 1971 DAF signed an agreement with International Harvester. As a result, in 1973 the program included a heavy construction bonnet truck NAT2505, which was an American Paystar-5000 with Dutch diesel DKA1160.
On December 7, 1976, the Ministry of Defense placed an order for four thousand vehicles of type YA 4440. With 342 million guilders this was the biggest assignment in the history of DAF. The first vehicles were delivered to the military in June 1977 as a test, after which the rest followed between 1978 and 1982. In the meantime the order had been increased and in 1983 the total order for 7,200 four-toners was completed. In December 1989, deliveries of the second generation of four toners, the YA 4442, started to the army. More than 5100 copies of the second generation trucks were made.
The trucks were based on the civil 1600 series. The cabin is equipped with a roof hatch. The cargo platform is equipped with a flat floor and folding side partitions so that cargo can be transported on pallets. The 6-cylinder inline diesel DAF DT 615 has a volume of 6170 cm3 and power of 153 hp. Gearbox is 5-speed manual. Overall dimensions Ч 7115x2445x4050 mm.
YA 4440 index means: Y Ч military vehicles, A Ч general purpose, 4 Ч 4-tonnes payload, 4 Ч number of wheels, 4 Ч 4-wheel drive, 0 Ч number of series.
The range of DAF YA 4440 includes: YAD Ч standard flatbed version with 9 folding side partitions, YAK Ч with a hydraulic crane behind the cabin, YAS Ч container truck, YAT Ч with a container equipped with a telex system, YAI Ч with a container equipped with tools for repairing, YAL Ч driver training vehicle with an extended cabin and dual control, YAJ Ч equipped with safety equipment for transporting fuel in jerry cans, YA MOBAT Ч with a 105 mm artillery gun to export in Jordan.
The second series DAF YA 4442 differs by a 6-speed manual gearbox, more powerful DAF DNT 620 diesel (180 hp) and dual rear wheels. The range was extended by the next versions: YAB Ч fire truck, YAM Ч for Marine Corps, equipped with cold weather equipment and an increased wade capacity, YAV Ч with sweeping equipment, YF Ч refueler, YAP Ч personnel carrier for 14 men, YPS Ч equipped with a launcher for unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.
DAF YA-328
DAF YA-314 , prototyp - DAF_YA-414 (and prototyp Pegaso 3045D).
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