Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (abb. DFAC) , is a Chinese automobile company based in Xiangyang.
The Dong Feng Motor Corporation was originally known as the Second Automobile Works, which was established 1967 by relocating part of the facilities and technicians of the First Automobile Works to the rural area in Hubei Province.

Dongfeng EQ2050 Warrior, Light utility vehicle - analog HMMWV.
Dongfeng EQ2102 COE 6x6 General utility truck
. The Dong Feng EQ2102 6 x 6 3.5-tonne truck is a second-generation high-mobility vehicle that entered service in the mid-1990s to replace a selection of designs that had been in service since before the 1980s. Unlike models previously mentioned, the EQ2102isofCOEIayout.
Специальные вездеходные грузовые автомобили (серия EQ2102, EQ2070), Пустынные внедорожники DFM
The Dong-Feng 11 is a short-range ballistic. 1987
The Dong Feng (export name: Aeolus) EQ2081 6x6 2.5-tonne series truck first entered service in 1975 as the Dong Feng EQ2082E Q240 and was the company's first product.
The Dong Feng EQ2100 6x6 3.5-tonne series truck (formerly known as the EQ245) is slightly larger than, but visually similar to, the EQ2081 series from which it derives.
The Dong Feng EQ2080/2081 and EQ2100 series of trucks are in use with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in large numbers.
The EQ2061E is a 4 x 41.5-tonne payload-class troop-carrying/cargo truck that is derived from the EQ2081.
Dong Feng also produces the EQ1093F6D 4x4 five-tonne truck. The PLA uses a large number of these vehicles, which are similar in appearance to a wide variety of Dong Feng bonneted commercial 4x2 trucks.
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