Duplex started as the Duplex Power Car in Charlotte, Michigan in 1906 (1907 ). One of the first to build a 4x4 automobile. The company was reorganized into the Duplex Truck Company in 1916 . Merger with the Warner & Swasey Company in 1955. The Duplex Division of Warner & Swasey closed down in 1975. Warner & Swasey built a few fire trucks with it's name from 1975 to 1977, then as only Duplex. In 1986, Duplex was purchase by Simon, a European Company. They changed the name to Simon-Duplex and built fire chassis til 1998, they could not find a buyer for the Duplex chassis division and they closed it down. Simon also owned Ladder Towers, Inc. (LTI) which was sold in 1997.

The Nash Quad and Duplex four-wheel drive trucks are also driven by means of internal gears and universal-jointed shafts.
The Duplex Truck Company was founded in 1916 when a group of Michigan businessmen raised $1,000,000 in 48 hours and bought out the Duplex Power Car Company, which got its start in 1909 in Charlotte, Michigan, about ten minutes southwest of Lansing. Or, if youТre driving a 1916 Duplex truck, it would take a little longer than ten minutes to get there, maybe closer to an hour. The new operations were moved to Lansing. The company made trucks until 1955 when they were bought out and that subsequent company ended the Duplex legacy in 1975.
Founded in 1917 as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company , the company was created to build a severe-duty four-wheel-drive truck. After the first prototype was built, the company began to develop rapidly. This first four-wheel-drive truck, known today as "Old Betsy", is still owned by Oshkosh Corporation and housed in one of its assembly plants in Oshkosh.
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