Engesa Ц Engenheiros Especializados S/A was a Brazilian company in the agriculture and defense sectors that specialized in producing tactical military trucks, armored fighting vehicles, and civilian Sport utility vehicles.
Engesa began as a private company in 1963, fitting all-wheel-drive systems into existing commercial trucks. It also rebuilt, adapted, and updated obsolete armoured vehicles and tanks that had been sold or given to the Brazilian Army during and after World War II.
Engesa [Engenheiros Especializados S/A] was formed as a private firm. Initially, it was involved in renovating World War II-vintage tanks. Engesa built wheeled APCs, such as the EE-11 Urutu amphibious APC, the EE-9 Cascavel armored reconnaissance vehicle, the EE-17 Sucuri tank destroyer, and the EE-3 Jararaca scout car, in addition to a wide range of other products. Engesa's APCs were all based on an indigenously designed suspension system. Engesa's weapons were exported almost exclusively to the developing world, especially to countries in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

Congregating in your technical staff excellent training professionals, many of them from the ITA(Technical University of Aeronautics Ministry of defence), to the company's success story began in 1966, with the design and manufacture of a 4x4 drive system to equip national series vehicles, consisting of transfer case with two power outlets, directional and front axle winch (optional). Commercially advertised as full thrust, was soon followed by the versions 6x4 and 6x6 , both taking advantage of axles and rear Springs original beams of the vehicle. Ready for pickup trucks and Chevrolet trucks and Ford (and later Dodge), Total traction saw them behavioral Engesa off-road unknown country performance in vehicles of category (an F-100 6x6, for example, had the ability to duplicate charge, and can climb up ramps 85%). The system was patented in Brazil and abroad.
Engesa EE-12 . Light utility vehicle. Design team of the EE-12 also developed a similar vehicle, the Marrua.
Engesa EE-25 General utility truck.
Engesa EE-50 Heavy utility truck.
The model Mercedes Benz/Engesa LG-6x6 1519 was a militarization of the civilian model of the same name made by Engesa using a transmission and suspension of the boomerang type developed for the armored project Anaconda, which didn't go into production.
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