FAP is since 1953 start to producing trucks with Saurer-Werke licence FAP 2026 BSD_AVG trucks with Mercedes-Benz licence, 1978 The FAP 2026 was mass-produced for the needs of the Yugoslav People's Army from 1978 until the 1990s. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre pressure system . The FAP 2228 model was further development based on FAP 2026. FAP 1118 4x4 Mercedes-Benz licence, 2010. Equipped with all-wheel drive, locking of all differentials , the vehicle is able to negotiate cross-country gradients of 60%. Central regulation of tire pressure assures high mobility over soft soil
Компания FAP основана в 1952 г.
Первоначально производилисьть лицензионные копии грузовиков Saurer Mercedes-Benz .
Базовый вариант армейского 3-х осного полноприводного грузовика FAP 2026 6x6 дополнен 4-осным FAP 2832 8x8.
С 2010 г. выпускались грузовики 4x4 FAP 1118 (2010) (Front axle AL 3/1 DS,Rear axle HL4/36 DS- 9.2.) C 2017 - 1318
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