FAP (Fabrika automobila Priboj) is a motor vehicle manufacturer based in Priboj, Serbia. Some of the different kinds of vehicles FAP manufactures are buses, tractors, trailers, and trucks. The company enjoys a long-standing relationship with Mercedes-Benz, which provides engines and licenses for many of FAP's vehicles. Founded in 1952 by decree of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia SFRJ. Initially producing licensed copies of Saurer trucks, it produced Mercedes-Benz NG trucks under license. On 30 October 1953 , the first trucks were produced based on licence from Saurer. Models were 4G and 6G (4 and 6 tonnes).

During 1965 the Department for Traffic of Federal Secretariat of People's Defense has formed work group with task to analyzes the unarmored vehicles of Yugoslav People's Army. the result of work group was the Study of non-combat vehicles and trailers in use with Yugoslav People's Army. The inferences of study were adopted by Main Military Technical Council in 1966. The study has concluded that there are 129 different vehicle marks in 320 types in service. A decision was made to reduce number of different vehicle marks in service by development of five vehicle classes: 0,75 tons 4x4 off-road vehicle, 1,5 tons 4x4 off-road truck, 3 tons 6x6 off-road truck, 6 tons 6x6 off-road truck and 9 tons 8x8 heavy off-road truck.
During the 1970s the plan for 1,5 tons 4x4 and 3 tons 6x6 off-road trucks was realized by TAM, while the 6x6 heavy truck was developed by the FAP. The first 6 tons 6x6 military truck model developed by FAP was FAP 2220, mainly produced for transportation of the sections of PM M71 pontoon bridge and prototype series of M-77 Oganj self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. The new model, designated FAP 2026 BS/AV was developed during the late 1970s and introduced to service in 1978. Several solutions were taken from Mercedes-Benz, as Mercedes-Benz NG cab model and OM 402 8-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled diesel engine, due the FAP has produced trucks under Mercedes-Benz licence.
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