Faun Faun's history begins in 1918 with the merger of Fahrzeugfabrik Ansbach and Nurnberg Feuerloschgerate Automobillastwagen und Fahrzeugfabrik Karl Schmidt. The combined company was called Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nurnberg until the name was shortened to Faun-Werke AG in 1920, the trucks carrying the name Faun.
In the mid 1930s, the development of a Einheitsdiesel fur leichte Lastkraftwagen - standard chassis for light lorries - was started. Manufacturer: Bussing-NAG, Daimler-Benz, VOMAG, Henschel, Krupp, Magirus, MAN, Borgward and FAUN.
In 1956 FAUN developed heavy-duty trucks and equipment carriers for the army.
1970s and 1980s FAUN made:- Airport fire-fighting vehicles, Heavy-duty tractors and crane carriers .

Faun SLT-50 Elefant Tank transporter
The Faun L 912/45 A was a military truck in the German commercial vehicle manufacturer Faun and belonged to the 1st generation of wheeled vehicles of the Bundeswehr.
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Typ L 912/45 AK : Zugkraftwagen - tractors (6x6)
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