The Federal Motor Truck Company was an American truck manufacturer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The company was founded in 1910 as Bailey Motor Truck by Martin L. Pulcher, who would later found the Oakland Motor Car Company. The last Federal vehicle made for the US marketplace was made in 1959 With the outbreak of World War II Federal together with GMC and Mack participated in the production of the 3-ton truck 6 x 6 designed for parts United States Coast Guard In 1952 the company became the Federal Fawick Corporation but was taken over by Napeo Industries in 1955, production being relocated at Minneapolis. For the las few years the company built specialized heavy vehicles in ever-diminishing numbers, and production ceased altogether in 1959.

Between 1928 and 1932 The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps began building several different models of trucks in their Ft Holabird, Maryland shops. These trucks were known as the QMC Standard Fleet, and trucks ranging from 1-1/4 to 12 ton were built, including 4x4 and 6x6 models. One of the primary figures in the development of these trucks was Arthur W. Herrington, who would start Marmon-Herrington in 1931. It was no co-incidence that the early Marmon Herrington trucks were very similar to some of the QMC models. Our WAI truck appears to be one of the Group IV 6 to 7 ton 4x4 QMC models, a pretty heavy truck for a 4x4. Fred Crismon's "U.S. Military Wheled Vehicles".
Federal 94x43 Tractor, 4 to 5-ton, 4x4 (G-513)
The Army Air Forces Wrecking Truck Tractor Type C-2, 7.5 ton 6X6, was originally made by the Federal Motor Truck Company of Detroit Michigan. It was also known as the Federal model 606 series up to the 606E.The C-2 was one of the largest, if not the largest, vehicle used in the Army Air Forces. The truck was also manufactured before and during WWII by Biederman, Corbitt and possibly REO.
The Federal 94x43 Tractor, 4 to 5-ton, 4x4 (G-513) was produced for the U.S. Army in during World War II as a line haul tractor. It was also used as the tractor for Signal Corps vans, known as the K-32 in that role. Federal built 8,119 of the 94x43 model trucks.
The Federal 94x43A was based on commercial tooling, with an enclosed metal cab. The Federal 94x43B and 94x43C were military models with an open cab, canvas top. Some units were equipped with machine gun ring mounts for antiaircraft defense.
The Federal 94x43 was powered by the Hercules RXC 529 cu. in., 112hp 6cyl gasoline engine. It had a maximum towed load capacity of 30,000 lbs.
See also, the functionally equivalent Autocar U-7144-T Tractor (G-510).
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