Ford The Ford Motor Company (usually called Ford; sometimes called FoMoCo), is an American multinational corporation that manufactures automobiles. The automaker was founded by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, United States (where the company is currently headquartered), and incorporated in 1903. In its twentieth century heyday, Ford, along with General Motors and Chrysler, were known as Detroit's "Big Three" automakers, companies that dominated the American auto market.

The emergence of the off-road theme the company Ford Motor Co in large part associated with the name of Arthur Herrington , who was able to interest Henry Ford, showing the winning parties all-wheel drive.
Transformation car was to install the front driving axle and transfer case, during which the cab and hood were dismantled. Front axle made of rear axle Ford truck 51 by install Rotary pins and CV JOINTS.
Due to mobility and their relations could place orders for Arthur Herrington supply conversion equipment in many countries: France, Great Britain, Belgium, Australia, Canada.
It should be said that Ford to equip its vehicles four-wheel appealed to other firms: NAPCO , Coleman , Richard Asam .
Currently, all-wheel drive has a definite place in the program release cargo cars Ford and put into trucks F100-800, SUV - Escape, Excursion, Ford Expedition, Explorer, Edge, Kuga, Maverick (they replaced the Bronco , Ranger , Station Wagon ), delivery vehicles and County, Transit .
With the release of AWD cars Ford do not resort to outside firms.
Ford Motor Co. has a long history of building vehicles, or at least supplying engines, for United States military . Some of the memorable and collectible of all vintage U.S. vehicles were produced by Ford:
Ford GP ,and GPW, GPA, M151A1, M151A2, M656 5-ton 8x8 vehicles
Analogs of 4 x 4 vehicles on the platform of the Ford truck produced:
in Belgium, .
In France Simca F594WM based on Ford 51 .
In German G398 (or "K") based on Ford B3000 S.
Kits to equip four-wheel drive supplied by Marmon-Herrington.
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