Foremost Since 1965, Foremost Industries has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high-mobility all-terrain wheeled and tracked vehicles used to transport heavy loads where there are no roads.
Foremost offers a variety of tracked and wheeled models, with payload capacities from 10 to 40 tons. Tracked models have wide, flexible d-dent or flat tracks for exceptional traction and low ground pressure in deep snow, swamp or muskeg. Wheeled models are equipped with large high-flotation terra tires, suitable for traversing packed snow, mud or desert environments. All Foremost vehicles are manufactured with heavy-duty drive train and suspension components for long-life operation. Designs provide for high approach and departure angles, deep fording ability and the ability to traverse steep slopes.

Designed and manufactured by Foremost, the Terra Bus provides all-terrain mobility to transport up to 56 passengers. Equipped with large, low-pressure Terra tires, the bus can be used to transport personnel in on & off-road applications. The Terra Bus has been notably successful in the tourism industry. Tourist models of the Terra Bus (as shown above) have been specially equipped extra-large side and top windows for all-around visibility. The Terra Bus can also be equipped with a wheelchair lift. The Foremost Terra Bus ("Ivan the Terra Bus") is bus model of the Canadian industrial vehicles Builder Foremost Industries Inc.. The bus is designed specifically for use in the polar regions. The bus has 6 x 6 wheel drive, large wheels with low tire pressure (30 psi/2 bar). This makes the vehicle extremely suitable for about snow and other obstacles.
The engine in Tundra Buggies is an International DT 466, often found in highway semi-trailers. It is geared through the Allison Transmission, and then geared through the differentials and planetaries on the hubs. The buggies are full-time four-wheel drive and have the capability to lock the differentials if needed.
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