Moseley Motor Works commenced business in 1907. Name changed to Henry Garner Ltd in 1909.
The Henry Garner Ltd company based in Birmingham, England, started importing tractors from the USA in 1916/17. The tractor was built to a modified design by Garner, based on the American Galloway Tractor. Sales were apparently poor, and it cost significantly more than the competing Austin and Fordson tractors.
Name changed to Garner Motors Ltd in 1927. Introduced a new range of lorries with forward-control in 1931.

The company was merged with Sentinel and the 4JO was produced at the Shrewsbury works until 1936.
Company sold to a consortium of ex-Dodge employees who set up at Willesden in 1938 and Garner built Straussler G1 4x4 vehicle and G3 Field Artillery 4x4 Tractor design by Nicholas Sraussler Protyped by Manfred Weiss.
Between 1948 & 1955 Garner Mobile Equipment Limited, a subsidiary of Garner Motors Limited of North Acton Road, London, England, produced a range of small light two and four wheeled tractors for the horticultural, market garden and small acreage markets.
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