General Dynamics

General Dynamics prototype HMMWV.
This is a revised version of the Expanded Mobility Vehicle, released in 1979. This was to be Chrysler's last entry because Chrysler's defense group would soon be bought out by General Dynamics. The vehicle was now only available with the Deutz diesel and the weight was down to 7,000 lbs. Chrysler claimed it could carry a 2,000 lb payload, as well as go 90 mph.
After General Dynamics bought out Chrysler's Defense Products group, they modified the Expanded Mobility vehicle and came up with this. It was called the XM998, and 11 of them were sent to the army for testing in mid-1982, featuring both Deutz and Chrysler engines. None of the vehicles were accepted. The vehicle was available in a troop/cargo version, as well as a weapons carrier.
General Dynamics C4 Systems is opening an innovation center in August in Taunton, Mass.,
to focus on command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and vetronics for tactical wheeled vehicles.
Three very different teams are contending to build the Humvee's replacement, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - Lockheed Martin JLTV
Oshkosh JLTV
and AM General JLTV
General Tactical Vehicles (GTV) , a joint venture between General Dynamics Land Systems and AM General , has been awarded a $45 million Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) 27-month Technology Demonstration (TD) contract from the U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command. GTV is one of three awardees to receive TD contracts under this program.
General Dynamics Corporation — основана в 1952 г.
В 1993 году авиационное подразделение General Dynamics, было продано компании Lockheed Corporation , которая затем, после слияния с Martin Marietta, стала именоваться Lockheed Martin.
Деятельность компании осуществляется в четырёх важнейших сегментах: морские системы, боевые системы, информационные системы и технологии, аэрокосмические технологии. Значительную роль в бизнесе компании играет разработка и производство мощнейших информационных систем, применяемых для управления вооружёнными силами США.
General Dynamics участвовала на конкурсной основе в разработке прототипа Хаммера в 1978-1978 г.
General Dynamics имеет филиалы:
General Dynamics Land Systems -GDLS-Canada ,
General Dynamics European Land Systems ,
Santa Barbara Sistemas ,
GDELS-Germany ,
GDELS-Steyr ,
GDELS-Mowag GmbH ,
General Dynamics Land Systems - Australia.
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