In the 1950s Gebr Van Ginkel NV reconditioned old United Stales army trucks, converting them for civilian use. but in 1967 it began building its own 6x6 trucks; often based on Diamond T chassis . The company became Ginaf Van Ginkels Automobiel Fabriek BV from 1967 and went on to specialize in heavv-duty 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x6, 8x8, 10x4 and 10x8 trucks, aimed chiefly at the construction industry. Some early models had cabs by Van Dijk Coach-builders but DAF cabs became standard, the latest models having the Cabtec unit of the DAF 95 or the 8.5 series cab. DAF engine and axles are also used.

GINAF has been working on the basis of the modular construction principle since 1988. The company buys standard components from DAF, and builds its trucks in modules. This allows more flexible working methods and greater diversity in the models GINAF offers.
Throughout the 1950s the Van Ginkel family mainly sold unconverted REOs, which they obtained from surplus American army stock. The original petrol engine could, if required, be replaced by a new Leyland DAF diesel engine.
The floods of 1953 caused a huge increase in the need for dump trucks.
The purchase of an enormous batch of army surplus material from the US army in 1959, led to the Van Ginkel brothers, who had in the meantime been joined by the third brother, Evert-Jan, deciding to assume a more professional approach to their business and start building new trucks. These new trucks were the REOs with a cabin.
It was up to client to decide what kind of engine he wanted to have put in. But the best results were attained with DAF components.
In 1967, the Netherlands Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information recognized and registered Van Ginkel as a certified truck builder. From that moment on, their products were sold under the trade name GINAF.
GINAF occupied a strong position in the dump truck segment.
From 1911 company is a part of the China Hi-Tech Group Company .
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