Graf Und Stift was an Austrian manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, buses and trolleybuses, from 1902 until 2001, latterly as a subsidiary of MAN. Founded in 1902 by the brothers Franz, Heinrich and Karl Graf, and the investor, Wilhelm Stift . Before the Second World War, the company was a well-known manufacturer of luxury automobiles, including the one that famously took part in the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. By the 1930s Graf & Stift had begun making trucks and buses, and it ceased car manufacturing in 1938. The company merged with Osterreichische Automobil Fabriks-AG (OAF) in 1971, becoming OAF-Graf & Stift AG, and later the same year was taken over by MAN AG. It continued in business as a subsidiary of MAN, and the Graf & Stift name remained in use as an MAN brand for the Austrian market and for trolleybuses until 2001, when OAF-Graf & Stift AG was renamed MAN Sonderfahrzeuge AG. It was located in Vienna, and the production facilities continue in use there, but no longer using the Graf & Stift name.

The three brothers Graf founded 1896 a garage in Vienna . The first vehicle has been delivered 1897, in 1900 their technology for front wheel drive has been patented. When Wilhelm Stift joined the company as an investor, Graf & Stift has been founded on November 1, 1901 as a consequence. The companyТs principal office was located in Vienna, Dobling. Until WWI the production had a range from heavy automobiles, busses and superstructures for trams. Between the wars, the company has been merged in 1929 with the company Perl, located in Vienna, Liesing. During WWII trucks and buses were produced in large scale. After the war the company tried to catch up, without the production of cars. During the 1960ies the constant losses resulted in a merger with oAF (osterreichische Automobil Fabriks-AG). This fusion was short lived, as the new owner MAN took over the business in 1972. The production was concentrated on building of slightly modified MAN trucks and buses since then.
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