Henschel & Son was a German company, located in Kassel, best known during the 20th century as a maker of transportation equipment, including locomotives, trucks, buses and trolleybuses, and armoured fighting vehicles and weapons.
Georg Christian Carl Henschel founded the factory in 1810 at Kassel. His son Carl Anton Henschel founded another factory in 1837. In 1848, the company began manufacturing locomotives. The factory became the largest locomotive manufacturer in Germany by the 20th century. Henschel built 10 articulated steam trucks, using Doble steam designs, for Deutsche Reichsbahn railways as delivery trucks. Several cars were built as well, one of which became Hermann Goring's staff car.

The development of the unit-Trucks began in 1934. Originally it was planned to develop vehicles with 2 (1.5 t), 3 (2.5 t) and 4 (4t) axes. In the end, it was only the three-axle truck with 2.5 t payload, produced in series, the officially as a lightweight all-terrain trucks, open referred to. He was rather under the concepts of unit Truck or unit-Diesel known. Of the 4 axes of at least 4 prototypes were made. These were later converted to a floating 8-wheel vehicles with different Rustsatzen and tested. A leader in the development of the vehicle frame was Henschel . The 80-HP diesel engine was made by YOU in collaboration with Henschel and Humboldt-Deutz Motoren AG developed. The power was a commercially available four-speed gearbox and a two-stage intermediate gears with lockable differential gear, headed to all three axes. 8 Translations were available. Each axis had another, self-locking differential gear. Each of the 6 driven wheels had suspension single and single tyres. All of this gave the unit a diesel above-average off-road capability.
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