C.J. Hug was a road builder who found that none of the trucks on the market satisfied his requirements as they were too low geared and lacked suitable bodies, so in 1921 he built a prototype of his own design, and went into production with it early in 1922.

After war broke out in Europe Hug built eight of the Model 50-6 cargo trucks, 6x6 powered by Hercules engines and generally resembling the Marmon- Herringtons of the period. These went overseas under Lend-Lease. After 1939 the number of giant truck models was reduced, and Hug built a series of highway trucks looking identical to the 1941 round-nosed Reos since they bought sheet metal from Reo .
A Christie Crawlers (Collection 2960) crawler conversion designed by J. Walter Christie was offered for a half-track attachment, and a bus was introduced circa 1938. Trucks built in 1941 used sheet metal from Reo Motors, Inc. (Collection 2727) and resembled Reo trucks; most of these were sold to Pet Milk Company.
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