Humber was a British car brand. Company Humber was founded by Thomas Hamberom (Thomas Humber) in the year 1868 for the bicycle industry. Since 1898, started manufacturing automobiles. In the 1931 year was overbought Rootes group, owned by the Rootes brothers.

The car Humber FWD (Four Wheel Drive ), also found writing F. W. D. was constructed for the needs of the British Army after the outbreak of the SECOND world war. Construction appeared partly out of the car Humber Snipe, which has been adapted, in particular, the engine, an independent front suspension and gearbox. The main version was a local SUV class Heavy Utility Ц literally: heavy commercial vehicle (full designation: Car, Heavy Utility, 4x4 (FWD), Humber). He was the only car on the SUV with all-wheel drive and / or in the UK during the war. Production began in may 1941 and continued until the end of the war.
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