Analog IH 6x6 Military truck

International Harvester Company (IHC or IH) has been a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, construction equipment, vehicles, commercial trucks, and household products and trade. He was born as a result of the merger between the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company with the Deering Harvester Company in 1902, along with three other smaller companies: Milwaukee, Plano, and Warder, Bushnell, and Glessner (which produced the Champion brand). This consolidation needed for the time, was born under the name of International Harvester Company (IH), coming to be a giant in the industry.
During World War II, International Harvester produced the M-series of military trucks that served the Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy as weapons carriers, cargo transporters and light artillery movement.
In 1985 International Harvester Corporation sold its farm equipment division and the rights to the IH logo to Tenneco, Inc., the owner of the J. I. Case Company. After 1986 the remaining truck division of International changed its name to Navistar International Corporation. Navistar continues to use the International brand name for its trucks.

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