FORD M151 MUTT is heir Ford GPW. The MUTT was designed to replace the WWII Willys MB and Ford GPW, it also replaced the M38 and M38A1 utility trucks. Although production started in earnest in 1960, the vehicle had originally been conceived in 1951, with a development contract awarded by the US Military to Ford Motor Co, USA.
In 1950, the first postwar military jeep, the M38 (or MC), was launched, based on the 1949 CJ-3A The Willys M38A1 was produced from 1952-1971
Willys MB / Ford GPW WW II Army Jeep
The main chassis or body component that distinguished a Willys-Overland MB from the Ford-built GPW is the tubular front frame cross-member on the MB as opposed to the inverted U-shaped cross-member on the GPW with a flat top. That cross-member is located behind the grill, at the base of the radiator so it usually cannot be seen in photos. Design front suspension and axles later Jeep Willys and Ford were different.
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