Kerax is a French family of logistic trucks. The Renault Kerax is a medium- and heavy-duty truck aimed at the construction industry manufactured by Renault Trucks and is available as a rigid or tractor configuration. It was originally launched in 1997 and underwent a full upgrade in 2006. The Kerax trucks for construction ended production in 2013 and they were replaced by the Renault Trucks C and K, which are powered with Euro 6 engines. However, the military versions are still available. The Kerax 4x4 and 6x6 are ideally suited for various logistic or tactical missions including transport of cargo, weapon systems, troops, water or fuel.

Renault Trucks Defense division is wholly owned by Renault Trucks and is based in Versailles, France. It trades on its 1975 acquisition of Berliet and claims to have over 30,000 vehicles in use around the world. Its status as the leading supplier to the French Army was put in jeopardy in 2010 when the government placed a $214m order to Italian competitor Iveco.
It manufactures a range of special vehicles aimed at the defense and security markets, including the Sherpa, VAB armoured personnel carrier, AMC armoured multirole carrier and Kerax ranges. The KERAX family of militarized rigid and tractor trucks is based on commercial vehicles which are adapted to the specific needs of armed forces. They benefit from the low lifecycle costs of commercial vehicles and are ideally suited for logistic missions with huge payloads capacities and a large range of bodies: cargo, troop transport, fuel/water tanks, dump, load handling system (LHS), shelters, recovery system, weapon systems carrier.
Renault's military truck offerings since 1999 have been based on the Kerax range of heavy-duty civilian trucks introduced in 1997. These are militarised to varying degrees to suit specific operator requirements.
The layout and design of the Kerax range is entirely conventional and the chassis, cab and most of the driveline components are shared with the civilian range.
In 2012, Mack Defense, LLC is created, aligning the North American defense division of the company with other Volvo Group defense organizations globally. Together Mack Defense, Renault Trucks Defense, Acmat Defense, and Volvo Defense form the Volvo Group Governmental Sales entity. With this global cooperation, the product lines and operations amongst divisions can be shared in efforts to continually improve customer satisfaction and support.
Many vehicles manufactured by Renault Trucks Defense and its different brands, Panhard and ACMAT , are currently involved in French army.
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