LIAZ (LIberecke Automobilove Zavody Ц Liberec Automobil Works) is a defunct Czech and Czechoslovak manufacturer of trucks. The company was formed in 1951 by the government as a division of Skoda. In 1953 LIAZ became independent of Skoda, but still continued to use its name until 1984 (Skoda LIAZ). Main plants were in Rynovice, Mnichovo Hradiste and Liberec, later there have been opened factories in Melniik, Zvolen, Velky Krtis, Prerov and Holysov. In the 1970s LIAZ was the biggest Czechoslovak truck manufacturer. The production ceased in 2002.
In May 2003, the company purchased Tedom (combination of the words The warmth of home) area of JAMOT (Jablonecka Engine Plant), which formerly belonged to the company Scania, where he constructed his engines. Sales concerned and technical documentation and know-how (the sum of production and business knowledge) production of various internal combustion engines including automotive. There then Tedom in the production and development of engines continued with special focus on gas drives. The company ceased this activity and production of engines under the brand continues Tedom here yet.
Tedom but had the intention to produce a complete and final cars in a platform truck and dump truck . Valnik have 4x2 variant with a wheelbase 4750 mm and Euro4 engine Deutz 235kW , 4x4 got shorter wheelbase 3750 mm , but the same engine ( 235kW ) . Alternatively, the expected use of diesel powertrain Tedom with the performance of 210 kW . U tipping vehicles lacked character axles 6x2 , the 6x6 variant plnepohonna replaced . Wheelbase 4x2 tippers and 4x4 values ??were 3650 mm or 4750 mm and drive again ensures motor Deutz 235kW . Three-sided tippers with the emblem axle 6x4 and 6x6 got wheelbase 3200 + 1350 mm , however, there were supposed to mount diesel powertrain Renault Euro4 s reported performance 332kW .
The first vehicle in the spring of 2007 was a gas 4x2 chassis ( body waste collection from Kobit ) and prototype military flatbed diesel Euro1 for mimoevpropske markets . In the second half of 2007 had Tedom Truck and retreat from labeling their cars named " Fox " , since that mark was claimed by the

LIAZ History 1894- 1990 (Laurin & Klement) , LIAZ History 1951- , TEDOM WIKI , LIAZ History German Volkswagen for its small passenger vehicle . Cars were therefore referred only Tedom - D or G - Tedom .
Anu and vehicles on the drawing board was a lot . But the reality is that Tedom Truck their existence only produced the following vehicles :
- Tedom Fox - G 19.29 4x2 - chassis , fitted body later KOBIT buckles, motor Tedom ( Scania ) on CNG
- Tedom Fox - D 19.29 PA / M 4x4 - military flatbed for non-European markets Scania diesel Euro1 .
- Tedom - G 19.29 XA 4x4 - chassis bodywork VLH , motor Tedom ( Scania ) on CNG
- Tedom - D XA 19.32 4x4 - Tipper S3 , 2x color orange, red , teal, Deutz diesel engine Euro4 .
- Tedom - D XA 19.32 4x4 - chassis , silver metallic paint , body exchangeable , at the time of commissioning body for road maintenance Kobit Turbo 5000 , Deutz diesel engine Euro4 .
- Tedom - D 34.45 SD 6x4 - originally chassis for S3 , then adjusted to natahovak containers , diesel engine Renault .
+ 8 modernization of a series of 400 cars 29.33 1pc SD and modernization car 150.261 ) .
The General Assembly Tedom Truck on 30.10.2009 decided to cancel the company is disposing of 1.1.2010 .
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