Leader Cyril Andersons Transport Company 1936, Western Transport

John Cyril Anderson,(1904-1983) road haulier and businessman, was born on 13 January 1904 at Toowoomba, Queensland. Educated at Toowoomba South State School, He worked in the family’s grocery store before opening a motorcycle repair shop in the 1920s and becoming a successful speedway competitor. In 1934 he acquired a Studebaker truck to fetch supplies from Brisbane for the grocery; the enterprise soon expanded into a general carrying business, later named Western Transport Pty Ltd. He died on 3 December 1983 in South Brisbane.
Leader A4X4 trial
Great Western commenced business in Toowoomba in the 1930’s. After World War Two Western Transport was founded by Cyril Anderson and his brother Curly which grew to become, in the 1950’s to early 1960’s, the largest road transport company in Australia. During the evolution of Western Transport, the group began to develop the strategic ability to diversify and rationalize operations to ensure long term growth and profitability. In the early days of Western Transport, the group created a division to import, manufacture, maintain and market trucks. This led to the establishment of manufacturing facilities for Mack Trucks and Leader Trucks in Australia. These activities were complemented by a range of imported products which, over the years, have included major brands such as Mazda cars, Kato cranes, UD trucks, TCM forklifts and NYK reach trucks.
Australian-made truck with a fibreglass cab based on a F model Mack, but taller and wider, and usually Caterpiller-powered. They came in various configurations. The parent company of Leader established Mack in Australia. Leader started as a project under Mack's wing, but it got canned and evolved into its own company.
Leader 6x6 Leader trucks были спроектирован и построены в австралии, с кабиной, похожей на Мак, но сделаны из стекловолокна и большим выбором двигателей и трансмиссий. Они были популярны здесь в Новой Зеландии и оснащены различными двигателями Caterpillar и "Fuller Roadranger transmissions".
Leader Truck - Австралийский производитель грузовиков.
Основал компанию бизнесмен John Cyril Anderson.
После войны бизнесмен John Cyril Anderson вместе со своим братом основали Cyril Andersons Transport Company в 1936 году которую потом переименовали в Western Transport.
На базе Mack Trucks Australia Pty Ltd в 1963-1979, изготавливал грузовики Leader в том числе и полноприводные 4x4 и 6x6 в Toowoomba под эгидой Great Western Pty Ltd.
J.C (Cyril) Anderson умер в 1983 (South Brisbane).
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