Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (LMSC) was a unit of the Lockheed Corporation "Missiles, Space, and Electronics Systems Group." LMSC was started by Willis Hawkins who served as its president. After Lockheed merged with Martin-Marietta the unit became known as "Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space." Located in Sunnyvale, California adjacent to Moffett Field, it operated a major satellite development and manufacturing plant. Lockheed Missiles & Space Company in 1964 began developing a military vehicle intended to give long needed mobility and agility to the infantry. What followed from the company funded project was a two bodied, double engined, eight wheeled all terrain vehicle named Twister. Since the original Twister test bed was developed, other versions have been produced for various applications. Army vehicles include the XM-808, a fully inclosed armed model, a swimmer version, and a test bed resembling the original Twister. Scout, also developed for the Army, is a six wheeled vehicle designed for reconnaissance work. Newest member of the Twister family is Dragon Wagon, an eight wheeled cabover truck. It has the same all terrain mobility as other Twisters and military and commercial potential.

Lockheed MartinТs Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)
Lockheed Martin Adaptive Vehicle Architecture (AVA)
Common Vehicle Next Generation (CVNG)
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