Lohr Industrie is a French manufacturer. With a track record in the manufacture of high-tech car transporter systems (primarily for road haulage), this innovative manufacturer has developed the Translohr tram cars and Modalohr road/rail transfer system, and, in cooperation with GIAT Industries, the Caesar 155 mm Self-Propelled Artillery System. Lohr Industrie and Translohr were mistranslated as Rollindustry and Transroll respectively in China due to the voicing confusion. Lohr is a commune (village) in France, but is also the surname of the company's founder. Two versions were produced: FL 500 and FL 501 . In 1977 this 4x4 amphibious vehicle was presented by Lohr from the Alsace, France. It used Mehari techniques; the engine was placed transverse in the middle and the axels from the gearbox could drive this way the front and the back wheels at the same time. The French army bought 218 Fardiers in 1978 and they were assembled in the Belgian factory in Vorst / Forest (near Bruxelles).
LOHR FARDIER FL 500 4x4 permanente
Lohr LVS (Luchtmobiel Speciaal Voertuig ) Pays Bas
Lohr Fardier
Lohr FL500 4x4. Ce vehicule 4x4 legera ete developpe par SOFRAMAG pour les armees francaises troupes aeroportees. Deux versions ont ete produites: FL500 et FL501.
In 1999 Soframe, a company within the Lohr group, took over all Lohr Industries military activities at the Duppigheim site.
Soframe and Iveco won their first contract from France's PPT programme in December 2010 ...
Lohr Group
Delavan Industrie & LOHR
LOHR industrie is a privately-owned French group installed in Alsace close to Strasbour The MPCV (Multy-Ourpose Combat Vehicle), based on Mercedes Unimog 5000 chassis, is an mobility 4x4 vehicle offered by SOFRAME (Lohr Group)
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