The MOL is a Belgian company established in 1944 that manufactures special purpose truck, trailers, etc. In the 1980's it acquired the design rights to the Willeme range of trucks.
MOL History TimeLine
Special Trucks
MOL has established a solid reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of off-road trucks and trailes for use in extreme conditions, such as oilfield operations in the desert. These vehicles can be constructed on a basis of a 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 configuration.
All development is handled by the in-house R and D department, which always work in close cooperation with the customer.
Besides desert trucks and trailers, MOL also develops carriers for cranes.
MOL 70-tonne F 7066, MOL 5066, MOL F 6066, MOL F 6066, 8x8 MOL TG 250
MOL T6066-6x6 Geophisical
MOL HFT 1066 6x6 1975
MOL Articulated 6x6
MOL HFT 2666 6x6 1980
MOL HF 4066 6x6
MOL HF 7566 6x6
MOL HF 7566 6x6
MOL BK 1044 Articulated 4x4 Geophisical
MOL BK 1644 Articulated 4x4 Geophisical
MOL BK Articulated Buggy 1644 4x4 MOL sproeiwagen MSB18 6x6
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