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Mack Trucks, Inc. was founded in 1900 by Jack and Gus Mack in Brooklyn, NY, and was originally known as the Mack Brothers Company.
Saurer is a Swiss marque, their trucks being imported into the USA from 1908. Saurer and the Mack brothers formed the International Motor Company in 1911 and built both Saurer and Mack trucks and, from 1912, Hewitt trucks. The US company was renamed the Mack - International Motor Truck Corporation at the end of World War I
Hewitt along with Saurer were sister brands to Mack when the International Motor Co. was formed in 1911. Hewitt trucks were high capacity vehicles used mainly in the New York City area.
The bulldog, sitting proudly on the hood of Mack trucks since 1932, has served as an appropriate mascot for the medium and heavy duty trucks that have earned a reputation for toughness and durability. The bulldog nickname was given by British military engineers to the new model AC during World War I.
Mack Trucks, Inc. was formerly known as Mack Brothers Motor Car Company (1900 - 1911). It became known as the International Motor Truck Company (1911 - 1922) when it purchased the Saurer Motor Truck Company. Mack Trucks, Inc. became the official name in 1922. Today Mack is a subsidiary of AB Volvo (since 2000).
Col Alfred Fellows Masury Automotive Engineer. Alfred Fellows Masury was a Chief Engineer of Mack Trucks, Inc. In 1932, while recovering from surgery, Masury carved the first bulldog hood ornament out of a bar of soap. He applied for and received a patent for his design which has adorned every Mack truck since.
Built Like a Mack Truck The story started with the five Mack brothers and a dream that John (Jack) Mack had in the 1890s as he sailed around the world on tramp steamers. The boys were sons of German immigrants who settled near Scranton PA.
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